The French roulette

In the following section, the different possibilities for placing your bet at the French roulette are explained.

Outside Bets

Red/Black, Even/Odd and Low (1-18)/High (19-36)

The gain of your wagers on this so-called Even Chances are - the even stake. That´s where the name is from. You bet with every of those six chances on 18 numbers. If you bet on any of these chances and the Zero comes up, a special rule in the French Roulette called "la partage" applies and you lose only half your bet.

Dozen Bet

One Dozen is 12, and there are 3 of them in the Roulette game. If you want to bet on a dozen, put your chip on 12P (first dozen), 12M (second dozen) or 12D (third dozen). If you are lucky, you get double your bet back.

Column Bet

At the end of the table, under the numbers 34-36, there is the place for column bets where you can bet on the 12 numbers located above. Also, you get double your bet as your gain.

Inside Bets

Line Bet

The line bet consists of two rows of three and therefore of six successive numbers. Place your chip on the dividing line between two triple rows on the left or the right side. The price for taking a risk like that is your bet x 5.

Corner Bet

Four numbers in a square is called a corner bet. Place your chip on the line crossing exactly in the middle of the square. Hit the right numbers and get 8 times your bet.

Street Bet

As you already may have noticed, the numbers 1-36 are arranged in 12 rows with each 3 numbers on the table. If you bet on one of these rows, its called a street bet, which always contains three numbers and pays 11 times your bet. Just place your chip on the edge of the row.

Split Bet

Using a split bet, you wager on two numbers located side by side on the table. Place a chip between the two numbers on the dividing line. Your gain is bet x 17.

Straight Up

Make-or-break! You bet only on one single number, but if it comes, you get 35 x your bet. Place your chip directly on your favourite number.