Single vs. Multi Player Game

Playing the single user game

A single user game is the right choice if you don´t want to be disturbed. There is no time limit for your bets (except for the general timeout), you don´t have to wait for other players and nobody can see you. Also, if you experience internet connection problems then this mode would be more appropriate as it is when you play slot (best slot online are here).

Playing the multi user game

For the real casino atmosphere, up to 20 players can play on one table. Watch the other players while they´re betting, but don´t forget to place your own bet as unlike the single player game there is a time limit for all the bets now. The timebar in the upper center of the screen shows how much time remains until the end of the round. When the timebar moves to the yellow area, you will notice the table fields are no longer highlighted as you move the cursor over ~the table. This indicates that the time is up soon but you can still place "last second" bets. Please note, that the information of every chip you bet is transferred directly to the casino-server and changes won´t be possible when the time is up.

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