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Tips online roulette Tips online roulette

Playing online roulette can be very tricky! Indeed, unless you have good self-control, it is extremely difficult to face the music sometimes. Therefore, we highly recommend you to have tools available to help you out with your endeavors. That is specifically the reason why we have put together for you a tips and strategy section. For those of you who do not know which strategy to use on an online roulette game, you will find everything that you possibly need right here. We will also address for you all of the frequently asked questions regarding online roulette games. Moreover, we will introduce you to the magic of the martingale strategy. Furthermore, you will get an in-depth knowledge of the infamous Fibonacci strategy that is applicable on any given online roulette game!


If you happen to stumble on an online casino games’ forum, you will see that the Internet is being bombarded everyday with questions regarding online roulette. However, most of the players’ concerns are rarely addressed by professionals, and rather by other players. We consider that although we encourage the player-to-player conversations, it is necessary for a professional to step in from time to time to set the record straight! As you may have understood, this was our motive to include a FAQ section in which we would address all of your concerns regarding online roulette games. You will have a free access to it, and we believe that it is the best alternative for players whom are too shy to ask those questions in public, and whom cannot find accurate answers through online casinos’ forums.

The martingale strategy

Now, in terms of strategy that could apply to online roulette games, we highly recommend the infamous martingale for all beginners. Indeed, this strategy is known to be the easiest as well as the riskiest. The key element while using the martingale is for the players to make sure that their bankroll is solid, and that they know how to control themselves and their spending habits. The concept is quite simple and we will explain it to you right now. When you play on an online roulette game, you will have to place a first bet of your linking. If you happen to lose your bet, you will need to double it for you next bet. The strategy’s point being to decrease your loss by increasing your next bet in the hope of winning it! It is quite risky as we have previously told you, but it is worth it to make sure that you do not lose more than you win! The martingale is the most basic strategy that you will find for online roulette games!

The Fibonacci strategy

If the martingale is not enough for you, then we recommend the Fibonacci strategy for online roulette. It is sort of on the same page as the martingale, yet more efficient for experts. Indeed, instead of betting small for the first round, you will be advised to bet big! Double the amount of money you initially wanted to bet in order to benefit from bigger gains. For some players, it is crucial to win big on the first bet because it sets them up for more victories to come!

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