Placing your bets at the Roulette game

Chip Selection

You have two options to select the chip value:

  • Left-Click on the desired chip value.
  • Move your mouse wheel up/down

The currently selected chip value is highlighted. When you start the game, the chip which represents the minimum wager on this table, is selected.

Placing a chip on the table

Clicking with the left mouse button will drop the chip on the table. Move the cursor over the area you want to place the chip on. You will notice that various table fields become highlighted as you move the cursor over them.

Removing a chip

A chip can be removed from the table if you click on it with the right mouse button. Note that this removes the selected chip value from a bet and not necessarily the topmost chip.

Repeating the last bet

If you want to repeat the same bet you placed in the last game, simply click on the "Last Bet" button. This will place the same chips on the table that you used in the last round. You can add more chips to the bet if you wish, but if you placed any chips prior to clicking "Last Bet", they will be removed.

Stake display

In the game control box you can see the total value of the chips you have placed on the table.

Spinning the wheel

When you have finished betting, click on the "Spin" button or on the wheel directly.