Roulette FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Announces are call bets provided at the French roulette table, both in the single and the multi player variant. There are several types of call bets: neighbors are numbers that are located next to each other on the wheel, voisins, orphelins and tiers divide the wheel into four distinct areas. Finals are numbers ending with the same digit, and split finals are pairs of numbers ending with the same digits.

La partage roulette rule specifies what happens with the stakes when the zero wins. All even-money bets, i.e. red/black, even/odd, 1-18/19-36 lose half of their value, all other bets except for bets on zero itself lose. When this rule applies, the famous "James Bond" bet is not a wise bet: In "Casino Royale" Bond declares his favorite bet to be a wager of 100,000 francs on both the first and second dozen. This bet covers the numbers 1 to 24 and pays 100,000 francs. If, however, the zero wins, Bond loses all his money. The more sensible bet would be to place 150,000 francs on the low numbers 1-18 and 50,000 francs on the six numbers 19-24. This bet wins exactly the same amount as Bond's original bet, but if the zero wins, he would keep 75,000 francs of his even-money bet on 1-18 instead of losing all 200,000 francs.You need help using our casino software, you´re looking for information about our roulette variations or searching the table limits? You just found the right place!

Roulette chips have various colors depending on their value. In multi player roulette, however, all chips belonging to one player have the same color so that everyone can recognize each others chips. Your chips are always red, other players' chips are orange, green, blue, brown. Note that this is the case for every player, so that you do not necessarily see the same colors on your screen as your co-players on their screens.

How do I select the required table limits?

After selecting roulette and the type of game you require, then you will see the 'Table minimum' on the right-hand side. Simply click on the up or down arrows until you have the required table minimum, then click "Select".

How do I remove a chip after placing it on the table?

By using the left click, you have placed a chip on the table, and so simply right click on the chip to remove it.

How can I be sure the numbers are selected randomly?

Online casino systems uses a Random Number Generator which is a device that generates random numbers. In traditional casinos, there are various ways to assure the unpredictability of results, and each casino game uses a different method; the physical randomness of the roulette wheel, the untraceable shuffling of cards, etc. Most online Casinos use a hardware device based on the quantum mechanical uncertainty of tunneling electrons, which is, in its principle, unpredictable and thus yields truly random results. It’s almost the same system they use with slots.

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