Roulette Table Limits

The maximum bet limits for different bet types vary, depending

upon the minimum bet you have chosen. These limits are shown in the

table below, along with the payout odds. Please note that this applies to several online casinos only.

Determine your minimum bet in the table's top row ($0.05 – $10). Then locate the type of

bet you want to make in the table's left hand column. To find the table

limit for a given bet type, locate where the minimum bet column and the row

of the desired bet type intersect.

For example, if your minimum bet is $1 and you want to find the maximum bet for

Even Chances (18 numbers), the limit for this type of bet is $1000 dollars.

Bet TypeMinimum BetPayout Odds
(1 number)
(2 numbers)
(3 numbers)
(4 numbers)
(5 numbers)
(6 numbers)
Dozens & Columns
(12 numbers)
Even Chances
(18 numbers)

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